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new students



Congratulations on getting accepted to HHÅA and welcome to Finland's best student city. Turku is the oldest city in Finland and is known for its culture, valuable environments, restaurants and of course Merkantila Klubben (MK). MK is the student association for economics and business students and also the largest association at Åbo Akademi University, with over 900 members, and you can now become a part of!

Your studies will kick off with the orientation week, which is filled with fun events every day. It is a great opportunity to get to know other new students and Merkantila Klubben. During your studies, MK will arrange interesting company visits, unforgettable parties, and excursions overseas.

You can follow MK's on social media, both Instagram and Facebook. Each week a member email is sent with information about current events. Don't miss out the "koppitur" which is a daily office hour in our office in ASA on the 3rd floor. The koppitur is from Monday through Thursday between 11.30 to 12.15 o'clock. Here you get a chance to meet the Board of Merkantila Klubben, who are more than happy to help if you are wondering about something!

A warm welcome to the largest and most beautiful student association at Åbo Akademi University.

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As a member of Merkantila Klubben, you gain a large number of membership benefits and get to attend Merkantila Klubben's events.

The membership fee is a one-time payment of 39 € for the entire period of study and is paid through Suomen Ekonomit.





kl. 18:00-22:00

In the evening, during the first day as a gulis, a chill evening is arranged at “Arken Parken” (Tomasparken) together with the tutors and your new study friends. Bring something to eat and drink. 



kl. 18:00-22:00

On Tuesday, there will be a city tour in Turku to explore the city a little better outside the academy district. On the tour, you get to know your new hometown, perform fun tasks, and visit some important places for MK members.



kl. 18:00-22:00

On Wednesday Henrik Street Athletics, MK's sports committee, will arrange an evening gathering in the park of Kupittaa! Everyone is welcome to play games and do some barbeque if the weather permits.


gulissitz på mk

kl. 18:00-22:00

On Thursday, it's time for what everyone has been waiting for, namely the "Gulissitz" at Bar Fredrik! A sitz is an academic dinner where we sing schnapps songs, get to know each other and eat a three-course dinner. There you also have the opportunity to buy MK's new songbook! You absolutely do not want to miss this!

(NOTE! Registration closes on Tuesday 31.8 at 23:59)



kl. 16:00-22:00

The legendary gulis initiation takes place on Tuesday. At the gulis initiations, you are divided into teams and compete against each other in a city orientation. Here you will definitely make new acquaintances and experience an unforgettable evening! MK invests a lot in making the gulis initiations a fun evening for everyone and that no one should have to do something they feel they do not want.

(NOTE! Registration closes on Monday 6.9 at 12:00)

Orientation Week
Orientation Guide



Click on the picture below to read the Gulis Guide!

Master's Students


Congratulations and welcome to our Master's program at HHÅA. To make your transition to Åbo Akademi University as smooth as possible, we arrange an orientation week at the beginning of your studies with various events that provide a good opportunity to get to know other students. During the orientation week, you will also receive information about Åbo Akademi University, a tour of campus, information about Suomen Ekonomit and about Merkantila Klubben.


We strive to organize various events, everything from company visits, after work, informational occasions and many other fun events. By following us on our social media via Instagram and Facebook you stay updated on upcoming events and important information.



events on the orientation week


Drinks at donna

Drinks at Donna with the master tutors and the MK Board. 18:00 --> 


info & tour

Chill evening with MK's sports committee Henrik Street Athletics (HSA) in Kuppisparken. 18.00 ->
The tutors will start towards Kuppisparken from church 17.45, either come and join us or come straight to the park.

TO 1.9: AW

A good opportunity to discuss how the week has been and ask questions if there is anything you are wondering about. 17.00->

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